The United States Ski Pole Company, USSPC, has a reputation in Cheboygan for working “under the radar.” The company’s most recent project has led it to Knoxville, TN.

USSPC’s founder, Andy Liebner, has connected with world-renowned, three-time Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond. LeMond started the legendary bicycle brand LeMond following his impressive career as a road cyclist. Currently, Liebner is working for LeMond in the research and development department, helping with the re-shoring and set-up of a new bicycle factory located in Knoxville.

There is a synergy between LeMond and Liebner to develop, test, build and release the world’s best road cycle. All of the parts are being designed to be affordable and made out of carbon fiber in the U.S.

It is unknown at this early stage how many of the parts USSPC will produce for the various models of the LeMond bicycles, but time will tell. LeMond has recently released two new city e-bikes seen at

While Liebner is in Knoxville, his father, Roger Liebner, has stepped in to manage operations at USSPC.

USSPC operates one of only five carbon fiber tubing facilities in all of North America, making the company prime for many diverse projects and contracts. Carbon fiber is light, very strong, and resistant to most elements known to man, including high heat and outdoor exposure.

USSPC has developed carbon tubing, ski poles and winter ski accessories for ski shops all over the U.S., Canada, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, and Japan. The team has also developed specific winter warfare products for U.S. Army and Marine Corps training centers. Products developed in the Cheboygan facility have also been successfully used in both the 2014 Olympics (Sochi, Russia) and 2018 Olympics (PyeongChang, South Korea).