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15cm Extension Kit


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The 15cm Handle Extension Kit is designed to make fixed length poles adjustable near the handle of the pole.

The advantages of extending length on the upper part of the pole include:

-Extension location is quickly accessible and easy to adjust during competitions or recreational use

-Lighter swing feel due to the extension being on the upper part of the pole

-The cost of the extension saves money as poles can be adjusted from skate to classic lengths

Q: Why make fixed length poles adjustable?

A: Money is saved by only having to purchase one pair of poles that are both classic and skating style lengths instead of two pairs. Multiple pairs of poles for growing youths are not needed, therefore saving money. Travel and storage is more convenient as the poles are compact and the quantity is reduced. 

USSPC is currently the only company in the world to offer this feature for adult use in all demands, including high level competition. USSPC continues to lead (instead of follow) by listening to requests for products that offer long-term savings, providing stellar customer service, and staying on innovative edge of the recreational and competitive skiing market.

This kit is available to be added onto any USSPC fixed length pole. Call our sales department at 231-331-3076.

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