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20cm Extension Kit


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The 20cm Extension Kit is designed to make fixed length poles adjustable on the lower section of the pole.

The advantages of extending length on the lower part of the pole include:

-Stronger and more durable shaft material due to larger wall thickness

-Better control of swing due to the extension being on the lower part of the pole

-Extension capability (up to 20cm), thereby saving equipment costs for growing youth

One advantage of this extension kit is to use it with poles that have been broken on the lower portion of the pole, regardless of the brand. It’s our way of giving new life to once loved, but currently unusable, pair of poles.

This kit includes USSPC’s patented year-round tungsten carbide tip quick release basket system, which allows for immediate removal and/or exchange of larger and smaller baskets. USSPC offers several models of poles that have this kit feature incorporated. See our products page for details.

This kit is available to be added onto any USSPC fixed length pole. Call our sales department at 231-331-3076.

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