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Competitor Pole Upgrade Bundle


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USSPC’s Competitor Upgrade Bundle allows the benefit of using USSPC’s patented quick release tip/basket system on any brand pole with a lower pole diameter of 10mm, which is standard on most Nordic poles. Tips have an extremely durable tungsten grade carbide tip for use on paved roads and trails. Fitting on the tips are three different basket sizes which allows for full range of snow condition usage.

Use the small High Performance Basket for harder packed snow, the Pincher Basket for medium-soft snow, and the Powder Basket for soft snow and slush. Both the Pincher and Powder Baskets have pole connecting properties for convenient storage and transportation. The keyway on all baskets provides two air holes which helps to eliminate suction in warmer skiing conditions therefore providing continual enjoyment while skiing. Patent Number: US 9,713,759B2.

Note- To ease application and/or removal of USSPC baskets, immerse the basket under warm or hot water for 10-20 seconds. The basket will become more flexible when warm and resume its form when cooled.

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