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Infuze Hydration Pack


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As the flagship product of our company, our flavor-infusing system for water hydration packs is unique in both its form and function. Working to avoid the messy inconveniences of adding flavoring directly to a water reservoir, Infuze is simply nothing like what’s on the market today.

Though it is a simple concept, the design had to be thoroughly examined, ensuring that every portable hydration issue that we looked to solve had been effectively eliminated.

The benefits of our hydration pack flavor infusion system includes:
-Easy and clean switch from pure water to flavored beverage.
-Wide selection available as the cartridge accepts any flavored water enhancer.
-Convenient cleanup, as the backflow preventer stops any flavoring from reaching the water reservoir.
-Refillable cartridges reduce waste.
-Addition of electrolytes is possible without unwanted flavors.
-Activation of water and flavor blending is easily implemented through suction.
-Once suction stops, our patented valve closes to prevent backflow and leakage.
-It’s simply easy and convenient to use.
-Tubing, dial control and backflow preventer are all included.
-Highly customizable, you’ll never get too little or too much flavor.

Here are the basics:
Holding your favorite water flavor enhancer, our lightweight, replaceable cartridge attaches easily to the tubing of your hydration pack’s delivery system. Equipped with an easy-to-manipulate dial control, the Infuze allows you to decide just how much flavor is dispersed at any time – a tiny drip for just a hint, or an influx for a blast of robust taste. You decide.

Our unique backflow preventer helps protect the clarity of your water left within your hydration pack. By not ever having your sports drink or flavored mix reach your water reservoir you’ll protect its functionality and reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning it out and protecting it against the growth of mold.

Delivering perfect doses of hydration at your will, our state-of-the-art Venturi diaphragm allows water and flavor to blend in the right amounts as it pulls through the tubing into the mouthpiece.

Being extremely easy to attach, you can switch from pure water to flavor-infused hydration wherever you feel the need. Simply clip the Infuzer onto the strap of your hydration pack for convenient, portable and tasty hydration options wherever you are. Designing our hydration pack flavor infuser to be lightweight and simple to use, we hope to support our fellow outdoor enthusiasts and athlete friends by solving the problem of personalized hydration on-the-go.

At Infuze, we believe we’ve hit that mark.

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