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United Ski Technologies Classic Road Skis


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United Ski Technologies (UST) Classic Road Skis with aluminum shaft and new Flutter Fork technology and classic tunnel wheels. UST Road Skis provide an extreme on-snow feeling in the summer.

The shaft is made out of flex-aluminum and damps like a cross country ski. The new Flutter Fork technology damps the forces in the fork and provides smooth rolling.

With the help of the classic tunnel wheel the UST Classic Road Ski becomes more stable and the handling is like it’s on rails. Why are the classic wheels special?

The UST Classic Road Skis Flutter Fork classic wheels center provides you with the best stability during double poling and when diagonal striding. Because of the softer rubber of the orange ring, it also provides you with a better feeling on the tarmac, especially in the moment of first contact with surface.

The classic wheel features a skate like profile that can curve and handle the edges well, which in turn makes cornering easier, especially in wet conditions by drastically reducing aquaplaning.

Details for the UST Classic Road Ski:

Road Skis for classic style
Shaft made out of flex-aluminum with Flutter Fork technology
Wheelbase: 720cm, ground clearance 3cm
Wheels: 73x43mm classic tunnel wheels in three speeds with anti-hopping
Standard with mud flaps
Weight: 1.9kg

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