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Warrior – Adjustable (140-160cm)


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Our ski pole shafts are U.S. Made of 100% carbon fiber. Our certified technicians roll our carbon fiber precisely controlling the thickness throughout the shaft.


This strap was designed for the US military and features both white and black 2” nylon webbing with added front support. This single-loops straps have easy on/off capabilities and are heavy-duty materials to withstand the toughest of conditions. They do not ‘hike up on the wrist’. USSPC Deluxe Thermal straps will be sold as an upgrade.


Our in-house handle/grip has the American touch by making it dual function.  It has a premium quick-release feature and compatibility with the traditional wedge system to secure the strap. The grips are made with anti-chafing material to keep your gloves from developing holes.


This component is made from an extremely dense polymer, which makes it withstand harder impact and sub-zero temperatures. The shape is designed to work flawlessly with our patented quick-release basket system. These also feature a tungsten-carbide alloy tip, which was designed extra long for a longer lifetime.


Specifically designed in-house by our team, this baskets’ shape was carefully constructed to allow air to flow freely through the keyway channel, eliminating suction effect during warmer conditions. This front lip allows full 360’ of support around the structure of the pole instead of 100% of the pressure from the back forcing the pole to arc forward in a loss of important power. These are also designed so that they snap into the opposite end of the respective pole, making them easier to transport and store.


Two-year warranty! USSPC offers a no questions asked two-year warranty from the original purchase date. Good for all ski pole models and attached components. We stand behind our product and value our customers.

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