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XC Signature Xtra Strong


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This XC Signature Xtra Strong was developed after several special requests and a demand for an advanced stout pole designed for mass start mania and extremely strong high impact polers.  

We’ve taken our most popular and stiffest model, the XC Signature, which matches the world’s leading top-of-the-line ski race poles and beefed up the carbon application in areas of highest risk. This provides you with the piece of mind to ski in any mass start race without worry of breaking a pole.  

The added weight is minimal, even with the increase in strength and durability. If you’ve been worried about completing an entire racecourse or skiing an advanced level ski trail due to carbon ski pole breakage, this is the pole for you. No other ski pole company has ever designed a pole specifically for combating mass start mania and falling mishaps.  


Our in-house handle/grip has the American touch by making it dual function.  It has a premium quick-release feature and compatibility with the traditional wedge system to secure the strap. The grips are made with anti-chafing material to keep your gloves from developing holes.


Every USSPC basket is designed for instant easy-on easy-off application without any need for heat or glue. Baskets also function to snap on opposite end of other pole for easy carrying and storage properties.


Our tip is made from 100% real carbide, not steel. They are exclusively available only with USSPC Ski Poles. Designed and produced in the USA. Rollerski tested and approved for all seasons.


Most comfortable straps on the market today! The straps that are featured on all USSPC ski poles are wedge system compatible. They are the only straps on the market that have both a back-of-hand adjustment and high-quality thermal properties.


Two-year warranty! USSPC offers a no questions asked two-year warranty from the original purchase date. Good for all ski pole models and attached components. We stand behind our product and value our customers.

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