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US Ski Pole Factory

The United States Ski Pole Company (USSPC) was formed in 2013. We use a variety of industry-known technology to produce the variety of products we offer. All fixed length poles are comprised of 100% carbon fiber, although the different models use a variance of ‘grades’ of carbon fiber, which make some lighter and stiffer than others. We do have the capability and expertise to blend fiberglass into custom projects such as the lower extension pieces for the adjustable poles. This directly increases the durability of the lower sections, especially against metal edge skis or snowshoes, but increases the weight by a few grams per pole.

Each mold was carefully constructed and polished. The carbon pieces are wrapped in a variety of directions and layers according to their specific formula. It goes through a heat treatment cure cycle and the mold is extracted thereafter creating the carbon piece in its shape forever. Our material wrapping experts inspect each piece before it moves to the next stage.

The finishing and polishing of pieces occur at the end of the cycle giving them a smooth or matte finish.

Our technicians flex-test each pole, visually check for imperfections and upon passing inspection, the poles are delivered or added to our order-ready inventory.

We produce a wide variety of straight carbon fiber tubes. While we do keep a set number of pieces and lengths in stock, we enjoy producing carbon tubing for custom projects and will produce the parts with the strength and load-deflection according to each individual project without any added cost.

The carbon fiber and resin system lay-up has proven very consistent. We’ve been producing strong, lightweight carbon tubing and ski poles for nearly a decade with excellent customer retention.

There is no middleman; they are made right here in our factory and shipped directly to you!

Full Paint or Vinyl Wrap

We use a painting process called sublimation. By choosing sublimation technology, we are able to paint 100% of the shaft any color. Also, with this technology, we are able to use gradients, metallic paints, and anything else you can imagine. These paint graphics are applied manually, ensuring that each graphic is perfectly placed.

We also have a large vinyl printer and use it to print custom teams, shops, or individuals their own full-length graphic at a very low cost.

For more information on custom graphics, please visit our Custom Graphics page.


At The United States Ski Pole Company, 100% of our finished products are made right here in the USA. We don’t rely on foreign countries to make our parts, keeping your dollars right here in the local economy.


The straps featured on all fixed-length USSPC ski poles are made exclusively in-house and only available through our dealers and us. The straps feature a special thermal property and are made of high-quality rip-stop material with reinforced webbing. They adjust on the back of the hand, not on the wedge like our competitors. Straps are available in multiple color options.


Our exclusive grip design is made of an extremely durable EVA foam material that is both lighter and warmer than cork.


The baskets that are on all USSPC ski poles are a unique design that features a custom shape made of high-impact strength plastic. Proven to perform at any temperature.


USSPC Nordic ski poles are made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. These shafts are handcrafted in the United States with a special formula that makes the poles highly durable, strong, and stiff. Our shafts are proven to be the lightest in the world.

Carbide Tip

Available exclusively on USSPC ski poles, our real carbide tips are the most durable ski tips ever made. Our custom-designed tip is made of 100% carbide and is rollerski tested and approved.

How to Use Our Straps

Our straps are cut and sewn in Northern Michigan, meaning they have less cost to ship to us and less cost to get them to you! The following is a detailed description of how to use our luxury thermal straps.


  • Insert the luxury strap retainer tongue into the bottom wedge slot of the grip with the back of the hand side facing towards you.
  • Pull the strap retainer tongue all the way through the wedge slot.
  • Insert wedge that is attached to the grip with the teeth facing towards the retainer tongue. Wedge must be pushed firmly into the grip. Channel-lock pliers work well to press the wedge in. Place one jaw on the top of the wedge, the other in the slot on the grip, and squeeze.
  • To remove the strap, pull upward on the retainer tongue. Hold the wedge and pull the tongue back through the bottom slot.

For Use:

  • Your hand should be inserted from the bottom opening of the strap perpendicular to the webbing and the anchor clip should be on the back of your hand.
  • Adjustments to the size are made via the anchor clip within the four size openings – small, medium, large, x-large – and the Velcro to best fit your hand.
  • To adjust pry apart the anchor clip and slide it out of the opening. Re-insert the anchor into the proper opening and re-snap the clip.

Grip Assembly Instructions

A temporary fix for our grips as we work on our designs!

To be posted on a workshop wall for all Nordic ski pole assembly personnel. Click here to download and print.

Grip glue type: USSPC Amber Glue


Step 1:

Slide the grip below the top of the pole and insert glue to the inside and outside of the shaft.
Note: Cover the top 3” of the shaft with plenty of hot glue.

Step 2:

Next, insert the pole mount. Then slide grip upwards, flush with the pole mount.
Note: 8cm of height is added to pole from grip & tip.

Step 3:

Drill pilot hole 1” down and centered on the back. Be careful to not over-drill, keep 5/8” or less depth.
Use supplied screws for this process. We suggest a 7/64” drill bit for the pilot hole.


Step 1:

Remove the screw on the back of the grip.

Step 2:

Submerge the entire grip into boiling water for about 1 minute.

Step 3:

Pull on the pole mount head and foam grip to remove.

Resizing Poles Instructions

Keep the grip in boiling water to keep the glue warm.
Please reference our YouTube video, USSPC Grip Removal & Assembly, for more information, or visit our Videos page and YouTube channel.

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